Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy 4 months home!

The last 4 months have been surreal.... Charlotte fit into our family so easily.  The biggest adjustment we have had to make is just going from a family of 5 to a family of 6.  Having a toddler at home again has been an adjustment for me.....definitely no "me time" at all these days.  BUT, oh what JOY this little girl has brought into our lives!  We love her so much!

She definitely had had some insecurities in the last 4 months but, I would say after about 2 1/2 -3 months we saw some big progress.  That is why we haven't done professional pictures of her until just recently.  We tried earlier and we were able to get a decent picture for the adoption announcement but it was HARD!  She was just still so insecure when going somewhere new & wanted me to hold her & not put her down.  The picture in the top right corner was taken of her while I was holding her & I was cropped out thankfully. :)

She is now talking in English and putting 4-5 words together sometimes and it amazes me...she uses her manners and says "thank you mommy" every single time she needs to (without being reminded at all) and that is something I am still constantly working on with the boys even.  She is just so thankful and sweet most of the time. 

For any of you reading this and contemplating adoption....pray about it for your family but, I will tell you hands down it is one of the best things we have EVER DONE!  Our lives are forever changed, for the better, by our Charlotte. 

I am sitting here typing this with her asleep in my arms....yes I am spoiling her rotten! :)  and I just can't get over how great our God is... to see how this 1 little girl out of thousands of orphans in China could not only have a loving home here in our little family but, that she would impact our lives and so many others for adoption ...I feel so blessed to be her mother.

Like I read somewhere recently...she might have been labeled "special needs" in China but, we just think she is "special!"

Sending you all much love!

You can click on any of these photos to see them larger.

We went in search of buttercups but, didn't find many; they bloomed so early this year. 

We have had fun introducing Charlotte to extended family members.  This is mom & Charlotte with Uncle Leon & Aunt Alivene in Jackson, TN.

                                                                                         Charlotte & Drew

Charlotte met Aunt Ronnie (my moms sister)& just loved her & immediately felt comfortable
with her.  I think the feeling was mutual. :)

The following are some of the first professional pictures we just had done of Charlotte.  She did so well for the photographer!  The photographer is Tammy Byars Holtman who lives in Florence, KY (Cincinnatti area) she grew up here (TN) and was coming back to visit family so it was a special treat for her to photograph Charlotte.


This sweet dress above was made by /http://www.redthreadstitches.com/ and she makes some AMAZING things please, go check out her website! :)

About Charlottes clothes:  I may have gone a tad crazy over her clothes but, I am LOVING it!  Alot of her clothes I get at consignment sales (my sister has a large local sale twice a year) and then Gymboree and Zulilly are favorites as well. Some of the brands I like (like Persnickety) are expensive but, I usually wait until the end of the season sale and purchase then. :)

My Favorite Brands for Girl Clothes:
For cute casual clothes:
Gymboree & Mis Tee V Us

For adorable outfits & dresses:
Swanky Baby Vintage
Red Thread Stitches Clothing
Flit & Flitter

What are YOUR favorite brands of clothing for girls?