Saturday, November 26, 2011

From Lanzhou to Guangzhou...

Charlotte had her first playdate with Taya.  They had been around each other all week but we hadnt let them get down in the floor to play together.  They played very well together and Charlotte liked sharing.  When Aaron got up and started saying bye bye Charlotte started crying. :) I think she really liked playing for Taya. :)

What we have been waiting on...Charlottes Chinese passport! :) Along with our 2 U.S. passports. 

Leaving Lanzhou and our guide aka Uncle Steed.  I cried when we left...we loved Lanzhou & Steed so much!

Our Gladney friends in Guangzhou...Shawn & Kim with their new daughter Mei-li are from Austin, TX and then there is me & Charlotte & our Gladney travel coordinator Gongzhan Wo who just happened to be traveling in China this month so, we got to meet him, and on the end is Jason.  The poster is of Edna Gladney (founder of our agency)

The medical exam...

She really did not care for them doing things to her. :)

 Our guide in Guangzhou, Jack, had on a cap from Leeland, Michigan which is where Jason vacationed as a child.  Small world!  He said an adoptive family had given it to him.

Outside the medical clinic

Our guide in Guangzhou, Jack Mao with us at the medical exam

Beautiful Shamain Island

The guys waiting on me & Kim to finish shopping on Shamain Island 

We are all doing pretty well. I ended up getting sick on the plane and sicker once we got to Guangzhou.  Some how I made it the room and collapsed.  Jason took Charlotte for a couple of hours and let me rest.  It was a hard night for them...she wouldn't go potty for him even though she kept motioning that she needed to go. UGH!  Anyway, I think it helped them bond though because today she has been smiling at him more and one time she didnt even cry when I handed her to him. 

Our hotel is very is huge and similar to the Opryland Hotel with a waterfall etc... but we did not get a suite like I had hoped.  The room is just a standard room.  I am wishing I had asked for a suite but, I assumed all rooms were suites at the Garden.  It is in a good location with lots of things nearby but, after visiting the island I wish we were on the island.  It is so quiet there and easy to walk around with her in a stroller.

We went to the medical exam this morning.  We ate the breakfast buffett and left for Shamain Island at 9:30 with our new guide Jack.  We really like him too.  Boy have we been blessed with great guides.  The medical exam consists of 3 different to measure & weigh the kids.  Charlotte weighed 27 lbs. :)  The 2nd station was ENT where they checked in her mouth, her ears etc.. And the final exam is where we had to take all of her clothes off and she did not like them touching her!

We did some shopping around the island after the medical exam and I found a few cute things for Charlotte. Now we are getting ready to go eat at The Banana Leaf restaurant ( a Tai restaurant) with our Utah friends and our Gladney friends. 

Thankfully I am feeling alot better today and hope to be back to 100% tomorrow.  Charlotte is doing just wonderful...laughing and smiling, playing games and even getting a little naughty with her spitting! LOL!  Daddy is sitting on the bed with her right now and she is laughing and spitting on him and he is smiling back at her while telling her thats gonna work! LOL!  She already has him wrapped around her little pinky! LOL! 

Sending our love from China!


DiJo said...

Hi Kendra! Congratulations!!! I got Emme's dress right by the White Swan back entrance.. It is the corner store by the dry cleaners.. They had some hanging outside, and that is how I noticed it.. I hope you find one!
You can have them make one for Charlotte too.. I just grabbed that one off of the rack!


Amber Leggio said...

She is precious. I am so happy for you. I hope you continue making wonderful memories with Charlotte. She sounds so independent. :)I can't believe she knows how to fold clothes, dust, and peel oranges. I am amazed. Enjoy the rest of your days in China. Praying for Safe Travels. :)

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