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In February we were well into finishing our home study so I started looking at waiting children on  I saw the picture of a little girl with the sweetest little bonnet on and noticed she had a cleft lip and palate.  This was one of the needs we thought would fit well into our family.  So, I immediately emailed the agency that had her file for more info.
They sent me her file with pictures and medical history and I read it and forwarded it to Jason.  We both fell in love with her sweet little face and thought "could she be our daughter?" We consulted with an International Adoption doctor abouther medical information and she said "that she looked fabulous".  We emailed the agency back and told her we were really interested and they told us they also had a few other families interested as well and would be making a decision in about a week.

This is the first picture I saw of our Charlotte

On February 14, I got the phone call that the Gladney Center for Adoption had chosen us as the best fit for her. :)  We were so excited and look forward to bringing our sweet Charlotte home. :)

Where is she from? Wuwei, China which is in the Gansu province in central China

What is her Chinese name and what does it mean?  her Chinese name is Wu Kexia and it means rosy clouds.  We didn't know this when we decided her name would be Charlotte Rose. :)

When will be traveling?
this fall...we will know more after we get our LOA.  We are hoping for October.

Where will we meet her? 
We will be meeting Charlotte in our hotel in Lanzhou, China which is the capitol of her province.  It is 4 hours away from her foster family in Wuwei.  She has been with her foster family since she was 3 months old.

UPDATE: We just found out today (7/29) that she had her cleft palate repaired with surgery on April 13, 2011. :)

1. Wu ke xia loves to eat rice and noodle ,she does not like to eat vegetable .sounds like her daddy!)
2. She is not allergic to food ,she does not drink lots of water too.

3Wu ke xia`s nick name is xia xia .(pronounced she-ah she-ah I believe)

4Wu Ke Xia use bottle to drink water and milk.

5She does not need any diapers .( would be awesome if this is actually true.we will have to wait & see!)

6she likes to take bath ,3-4 times/week.

7.Wu ke xia lives in foster family and sleep with her foster mom looks like we will be co-sleeping! :)

8.Orphanage staff picked out name for wu ke xia