Monday, November 21, 2011

How is she doing?

Overall she is doing really well.  She smiled and laughed for the first time a few hours after we had her.  She has this really cute pouty face.  It is ADORABLE!  When they were trying to take her picture for her Chinese passport she diddnt cry but she would stick out her bottom lip. :)  Everyone in the store laughed and laughed at her.

She is grieving though fairly hard at times.  She will break out in a cry for no reason what so ever.  It makes me think something is hurting her but I know it isnt.  I think it is her broken heart....not knowing what is going on and who might leave her next. :(  It breaks my heart too. 

For some reason today she won't have anything to do with Jason.  We know this sometimes happens in the first few days but, man are my arms killing me!  And today she has decided she won't sit alone in the floor and play.  If she plays in the floor she wont let her butt be on the floor...she has to be in my lap. :)  She also wants to have her shoes on all the time.  If she doesn't have them on she points to them & grunts.  We know all of this normal...she has been SO BRAVE! But, if you think about it, pray for her...I can't imagine all that is going through her mind.


First smile! she & Baba were playing with stacking cups.

Playing with Baba before she decided she didn't like him.

Officially the newest McCuistion! :)

a smile for mama!


Kevin and Michele said...

Such a cutie!!!

Cindy said...

It must be terrifying to her....but we both know that it will get better. She doesn't understand now, but she just won the love lottery.

Father in heaven, comfort this sweet girl. Grant her your peace that passes understanding that comes with knowing you have it all under controll. Give her new mom and daddy super strength and an abundance of patience. Help them to walk through this valley for her. Amen

Melissa Crane said...

Praying for all of you. Got to be very hard on her. She can't understand what is going on and then with the language difference it has to be hard. She will one day forget all this and just remember how much you love her.

Kim said...

We got our daughter in July and she reacted the same way towards my husband on the second day and for at least a couple months after. I was the only one who could cary her or do anything for her for in China. We did get a stroller and she finally would sit in it on the 5th day, but I had to hold her hand while my husband pushed it. It was really hard on him and me too, but he hung in there and was very patient with her. We have had her for almost 4months and she loves him just as any little girl loves her daddy. Congrats she is a sweety!

Nikki McDonald said...

I have been thinking of you all. This post warms my heart. :) Have a safe journey home. Looking forward to seeing everyone settling in & getting to know each other.

Brian said...

She's cute! Be safe, have fun, and we will see all of you when you get home. We've been praying for you guys in our prayer group at church.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you. She is truly beautiful. I loved the picture with her hair in dog ears and bows. Praying for you and thankful to have the opportunity to share in this special occasion. Love you guys bunches!!!! Nana Bruce

Brooke said...

LOVE the pigtails and the top photo of her beautiful smile!! :)

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