Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We LOVE Lanzhou!

I had heard before we came that Lanzhou was fairly small and with not alot to do.  Well we LOVE it here!  It is absoutely BEAUTIFUL!  I like it much more than Beijing!

Today we went to a Budhist temple and it was gorgeous there!  Old people gather there in the mornings to exercise, dance, sing etc..  It was amazing to see them!  Jason joined a group playing hacky sac....well with a badmitton birdie that was weighted instead of a hacky sac.  We gathered quite the attention from everyone at the park.  They wanted to know why we had an Asian baby.  They all were very nice and comlimentary about adoption and some told us we were very good people and that they were thankful.  One woman said "She is a lucky girl!"  I told her "We are lucky parents" through our interpretor. :)  we truly are....she is perfect for us and we love her so much!

She seems to be doing better this afternoon.  We ate a Pizza Hut for lunch and we were so thankful for some food that is familiar. Afterwards I told Jason he had to carry her in the Ergo carrier because my arms have been killing me.  So he did and she cried and cried but, we were in a busy area so there was alot to distract her and she eventually got over it.  She has had more to do with him this afternoon and has had a REALLY good day today...smiling and laughing and talking more!  We love this girl SO MUCH!  She is just a doll!  and she amazes us she is so smart!

We met another American couple adopting here this week.  They are from Utah and we have LOVED getting to know them and their new daughter.  Their daughter has a heart condition and is a month older than Charlotte.  But she is not able to walk or crawl.  She was in a different orphange (not foster care) and you can tell she is a sweetie that is just eatting up all of the attention.  Our guide said they probably had 10 babied per nanny to take care of and they just did as good as they could.  She is alos VERY tiny and her color is bad...because of the heart problem.  They will be doing heart surgery in the states so keep this family in your prayers.

We have enjoyed skyping with some of our family this week.  It has made me feel close to the boys an dnot miss them as much.  And Charlotte walked over to the computer just a few minutes ago asking for Guo Guo and pointing. (that means big brothers!)  She has loved seeing everyone too! :)

Tomorrow we plan to celebrate Thanskgiving by going to a nice Western restaurant that our guide recommended with our new Utah friends.  We definitely have SO MUCH to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! 

The assistant Director of the Wuwei Orphanage.  He was so nice.  He told us he could tell we had already done alot for WuKexia and that we had good hearts.  He wanted to make sure we would have more surgeries for her palate if it needed it.  We assured him we would and that we already had an appointment the week after we get back.

From L-R  Melody (the Utah couples guide), our new Utah friends and their new daughter, in between them is their daughters orphange director, another helper form the guide service, Jason, Kendra & Charlotte, Wuwei Assistant Director, a nanny that came to help with WuKexia on the long car ride, our guide Steed (who we absoutely love!)


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