Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Official...

We will be leaving for China in 16 DAYS!  So let the count down begin! :)

This is what our 2 weeks will look like in China:
Wednesday, Nov. 16-Fly to Beijing
Sunday, Nov.-20-Fly to Lanzhou & we will get Chartlotte that same day! YIPPEE!
Thursday, Nov 24-CELEBRATE Thanksgiving with noodles & rice!?!?
Friday, Nov. 25-Fly to Guangzhou
Saturday, Nov. 26-Medical Appt for Charlotte
Monday, Nov. 28-Consulate Appointment at the U.S. Embassy
Tuesday-Nov. 29-Receive her passport & visa! This is also CHARLOTTE'S 2nd BIRTHDAY!
Wednesday-Nov. 30- Fly back to the U.S.!

So here is my to do list for the next 16 days:

Things to get done:
1) Call travel agent to book flights
2) Call bank to get money
3) Email Angela about touring in Beijing
4) Email Ann about shopping in Guangzhou
5) Call credit card companies to use overseas
6) Call Verizon about using phone in China
7) Get Charlotte an IA appt in Nashville
8) Get Charlotte an appt with Dr. Kelly for cleft
9) Pack clothes for me and Jason
10) Pack clothes for boys to take to moms
11) Make copies of paperwork to take
12) Get prescription medications to take

       I also want to get all of our Christmas decorations up before we leave.  ambious?? yes!  but, we love Christmas and I know the kids would be bugging me to put up decorations after we get home and I am not sure how the jetlag is going to affect us.

I will be blogging on our trip so, if you want to follow along, I will be posting updates here. :)

Friday, October 28, 2011


 I haven't been feeling good today...sinus headache.  So I laid down on the couch and just as I did, the phone rang.  Well of course I have memorized the area code for our adoption agency and when I saw it was area code (212) I thought I might hyperventilate! :) 

It was our social worker, April, and she said "Kendra we got some paperwork...!"  I figured it would be immense joy come over me, but it was more like immense relief. 
WE ARE GOING TO CHINA! We received TRAVEL APPROVAL today! :) Thank you everyone for praying for us! China is 13 hours ahead of us so it already midnight on Friday night there.  So we won't know when we will actually be leaving until Monday. But it looks like we will be leaving on November 9th or 16th to get our girl! :)

We are so, so thankful for all of you that have supported us through this adoption journey.  When I hear the word journey, I think of a more slow and steady journey so maybe the more appropriate word for what we have been through this last year, would be adoption ROLLERCOASTER! LOL!  This is one rollercoaster I am ready to get off of for a while. 


Monday, October 24, 2011

Could today be THE day?!?!?...

I pray that today is THE day we get our Travel Approval.  For some reason, several weeks ago, I told Jason I thought we would get TA on the 24th (today).  I can't wait to see if I am correct.  We probably won't hear until late afternoon (around 4 p.m.) or so from our agency. 

So if you get a chance today, will you say an extra prayer for us?  This is THE ONLY THING keeping us from going to get our baby girl.  I am SO ready to not be waiting on ANYTHING.  Hopefully if we get TA today we will leave next week. 

This has been an amazing journey that I feel so blessed to have been able to do.  But the real journey, begins when we get Charlotte and I just can't wait to see her and hug her for the first time.

Love you all!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Waiting for TA (aka Travel Approval) The LAST STEP!

Well, we are a few days into our wait for Travel Approval and it is THE LAST THING we need before we head to China!  Typically, this can take anywhere from 4 or 5 days to 2 weeks.  So we are packing and getting things in order for us to leave SOON!  :)

Now that we are at this point, I am having trouble describing my feelings.  I am very excited yet, it almost seems like I am in a dream.  (If it is, please don't wake me up!  :)) We are on the brink of something BIG!  Something I have dreamed about for YEARS!  And the best is yet to come! As excited as I am, I am also nervous.  Nervous for Charlotte.  I think Jason and I have done all we can to prepare but, I pray she has been shown our pictures and that her little heart is ready for us.

This is definitely unchartered territory for us and I ask you to keep this in mind when we bring Charlotte home.  This is also unchartered territory for all of our friends and family.  So when you think "oh my goodness I can't believe they arent discipling her" or "I can't believe that baby is still taking a bottle"  just know we WILL be parenting Charlotte different than what is TYPICAL for a 2 year old.  We will be doing things to help us to bond with her and make up for the 2 years she was not given 1 on 1 attention.

Hopefully the next time I post I will have GREAT news!

With much love!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Nesting & getting ready!

Well I feel like I am in the last month of pregnancy.  I have been nesting, cleaning and organizing like crazy this past week.  Closets and things I havent touched in years are getting spruced up and organized because I wont have as much time on my hands with a 2 year old at home.  :) 

I havent started packing yet but, I have started a "pile" in Charlottes room that has been accumulating things the last few weeks as I think of them.  I will probably go ahead and pack her bag next week just to have that done.

Travel Approvals have been coming quick lately.  So, I am hoping and praying we get TA on October 24th.  Typically, Mondays are the big day for TA's to arrive so that is my prediction.  If that happens, we could leave on October 27th or 28th.  Or we could decided to wait until the following week which would be Nov. 4th.  I REALLY want to be back in time for Thanksgiving with our boys if at all possible and home for Charlottes birthday.  We have SO MUCH to be thankful for and I would love to be back home to give thanks for what an amazing journey this has been and to introduce Charlotte to some of our family. 

So will you join me in praying for a quick Travel Approval?  There have been times that I have literally been in tears through this process but, lately, I can't wipe the smile off my face....we are FINALLY close to getting our girl!

With much love!