Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Birth Mother's Day!

I don't know your name, what you look like or even where you live. I don't know these things about you but, I do know our daughter has an amazing smile, the most beautiful Chinese eyes and a stubborn determination and drive like I have never seen before...all traits I am convinced she inherited from you.

If I could talk to you today, I would want you to know first that she is happy & healthy & has 3 brothers and a mom & dad who absolutely adore her!  She was an answer to much prayer and we promise to always remember that the answer to our prayers also came with loss & heartbreak.    I can't imagine how you feel, but we pray that you will somehow just know that she is well and have a peace about your decision.

I also want you to know that our daughter is a true girly girl, she loves anything pink or girly, she loves to sing at the top of her lungs making up songs as she goes, she is learning to write her name, she loves to play dress up & "do hair" and she has the sweetest, giving, affectionate & sassy soul ever!

Sometimes I imagine we are like 2 ships at sea. You carried our precious cargo (our daughter) for a short length of time but your journey was no less important. You carried her and gave her the gift of life. You brought her along for part of her journey that only you could carry her, then when it was my turn to carry our precious cargo; to take over in what you had started, I was able to nurture and love her like she is my own. We both had the same destination in mind: a happy & healthy baby girl but, it took both ships in order to get our precious cargo to that destination. Both of us loving this special girl who has connected us and captured both of our hearts.

HAPPY BIRTH MOTHERS DAY to Charlotte's birthmother! Because without her and her sacrifice I wouldn't be celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow with our 4th blessing; our baby girl. 




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