Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A glimpse into her life while in Wuwei..

Since seeing Charlotte's picture for the first time in February, we had sent several care packages to her which included disposable cameras.  We received 4 cameras back the day we got her.  These were the ONLY things we received....no clothes besides the ones she had on, no pictures or anything.  We were not able to get the cameras developed while we were in China.  We were hoping there would be some pictures of her with her foster family but, there weren't any. :(  Just shots of her & the occassional feet or hands of someone unknown.  We are very thankful for these pictures though, so I thought I would share some of my favorites.

Here she is pretending to be on the phone! :) LOL!  She does this all of the time!  And her outfit...cracks me up!  I am not sure if it is a bathing suit or some weird sort of split pants. :)

 Here she is in the outfit we sent her in a care package.  We also sent the bunny she is holding. :)

We assume this is a picture of the Wuwei Children's Welfare Institute. If anyone can translate what this says & confirm this for us, please let me know.

We know this is the entrance to the Wuwei Children's Welfare Institute because our guide had described the orphange & told us about the beautiful entrance.

When I saw this picture at first, it broke my heart! This could be a poster for orphans and she is an orphan no more... Praise the Lord! To see what she has come from though, blows my mind...she is such a brave little girl!

P.S.  We had sent a journal from Ann at Red Threads and we did receive it the day we got her and the orphange director & assistant director had written her a special note in it.  Our guide translated them to English and he also wrote a note for her and we think this will be a nice keepsake for her.  They also gave us the full name of her foster mother so, our guide says when he travels to Wuwei (he does a few times a year) that he will try & connect with her & see if she has any baby pictures she would like to share & we will email him new pictures to give her if he does find her.  It breaks my heart that we have no photos of her younger than a year old. 


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