Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Official...

We will be leaving for China in 16 DAYS!  So let the count down begin! :)

This is what our 2 weeks will look like in China:
Wednesday, Nov. 16-Fly to Beijing
Sunday, Nov.-20-Fly to Lanzhou & we will get Chartlotte that same day! YIPPEE!
Thursday, Nov 24-CELEBRATE Thanksgiving with noodles & rice!?!?
Friday, Nov. 25-Fly to Guangzhou
Saturday, Nov. 26-Medical Appt for Charlotte
Monday, Nov. 28-Consulate Appointment at the U.S. Embassy
Tuesday-Nov. 29-Receive her passport & visa! This is also CHARLOTTE'S 2nd BIRTHDAY!
Wednesday-Nov. 30- Fly back to the U.S.!

So here is my to do list for the next 16 days:

Things to get done:
1) Call travel agent to book flights
2) Call bank to get money
3) Email Angela about touring in Beijing
4) Email Ann about shopping in Guangzhou
5) Call credit card companies to use overseas
6) Call Verizon about using phone in China
7) Get Charlotte an IA appt in Nashville
8) Get Charlotte an appt with Dr. Kelly for cleft
9) Pack clothes for me and Jason
10) Pack clothes for boys to take to moms
11) Make copies of paperwork to take
12) Get prescription medications to take

       I also want to get all of our Christmas decorations up before we leave.  ambious?? yes!  but, we love Christmas and I know the kids would be bugging me to put up decorations after we get home and I am not sure how the jetlag is going to affect us.

I will be blogging on our trip so, if you want to follow along, I will be posting updates here. :)


Cindy said...


Monique Amburgey said...

I am Soooo excited for you Kendra and can't wait to meet this precious little girl! This has been such an amazing journey for your family and its just beginning!

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dr. Kelly! Let me know if you need any info. about VCH. Two of our children see Dr. Kelly. He is AMAZING! And hard to get an appt. with--hopefully the IA Clinic can help you get in to see him sooner than later.

CONGRATS on making final preparations!!!

Kevin and Michele said...

Yeah, we'll be seeing you there!!!!

Amy said...

Kendra I just realized that you all live here too! We just saw Dr Kelly today - really liked him and v easy to get an appointment to see him (we called early last week and had our pick of times today). Will be praying for you with all the things you have to do :)

Mary said...

Congratulations Kendra!!!! I've been following your journey on RQ! Trust me, the wait will go so incredibly fast! We started at 16 days and now we're at 2!! Have fun packing and nesting!!!!

Amber Leggio said...

Praise the Lord for your TA. I just realized that your sweet Charlotte and our little Mia are from the same Province. Gansu!!!!!!! I haven't met to many people adopting from this province. Our little Mia is waiting for us in the Qingyang Orphanage. They are Gansu Sisters. I want to send Charlotte a present, I am getting Mia one too. Could I have an address to send it to?????? So happy for you. Will pray for her heart to be ready for her Mama and Baba, and for you and for safe travels. My friends are having a shower for Mia this month. Hopefully it will help keep my mind off the wait for our RA, and I need to work on her room.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kendra,
Please email me as we are on the exact same time line. (Lotusmama from RQ)

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