Monday, November 07, 2011

Last pictures before we travel! :)

She doesnt look too happy in this picture. :( 
I think she needs a mommy, daddy & 3 brothers to make her smile! :)

FINALLY some pictures without layer upon layer of clothes!
And I am LOVIN' those tiny red shoes!

What a sweet shy smile! :)


We are so in love with you baby girl!

Height: 33 inches
Weight: 28 lbs
Teeth: 16
Feet Length: 5 inches
UPDATE-"She is on foster care program right now, stay with the foster family since March 2010. Her developing is normal. She is walking, she is not speak too much words but understand people's the direction. Please be aware the city of Wuwei that people speak the local dialect. She is good eater, loves noodles. Often playing with other kids from the neighbor of foster family. She is an active girl. She always moving, running and jumping. She does lots of things herself now. She is very happy child."
 9 days til we leave & 13 days until you are in our arms forever!


Cindy said...

Eek! It is so close. God bless you with safe travel and smooth sailing through all of the red tape.

Darlene said...

She is adorable! Our daughter (7 now) was from gansu. We exited the plane, got on a bus and were told the babies would maybe beat us to the hotel (we also stayed in Lanzhou, our daughter is from Zhang ye). So when they say same ready. I look forward to following along on your blog.

Margy said...

She's beautiful!!! Can't wait to meet you in China! Our Sophia is 31 inches tall and weighs 26 lbs...and loves to eat as well :))
We are so blessed!!

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