Thursday, November 24, 2011

We are doing good!

We have a VERY HAPPY girl today!  She loves her clothes...this outfit was from Aunt Tonya & Laura. :) She loves eatting her little bananas...they are about 2-3 inches long but taste the same as regular bananas. ;)

We are doing REALLY GOOD today!  She has smiled and laughed and been just really happy today.  She is talking more and of course we don't know what she is saying.  I am able to be away from her a little.  Like right now she is sitting on the bed by herself! YIPPEE! :)  She tolerates Jason right now.  If he tries to feed her she jerks away and won't eat it.  But if I pick up the same spoon she opens her mouth right up. LOL!  So stubburn! But she did play with him today and tolerated him holding her in the Ergo Carrier which was good for them both and good for my back! :)  We are getting ready to meet our friends and head to the city square. 

Things we know about Charlotte:
1) She likes to watch Chinese cartoons & points & talks to the tv
2) She can use chop sticks pretty well
3) She LOVES to be outside and she LOVES her stroller! She will go to our hotel door and start to push her stroller to the door if she thinks it is time to go out.
4) She likes to look at the boys pictures and occassionally will say "Guo Guo" when she points to the picture of them!
5) She came from a good orphanage...they use a special wheat additive to the formula in Wuwei to make the kids healthier and we can tell.
6) She likes to fold clothes.  She keeps a little washclothe of her blanket & likes to fold them neatly.  I think she must have folded clothes in her foster family.
7) She took the wash clothe and was wiping the desk in our hotel room off, then, she spit and rubbed some more.  So funny!
8) Our guide says when we drive around she talks about the big trucks!  :)
9) She is an easy going girl...and her smile will melt you heart! :)
10) She loves her little black boots.  I think it must have been ones she has worn for some time.  Her feet are TINY!
11) She eats bananas, rice congee, noodles, those little manadarin oranges and is very independant about it wanting to peel it herself and hand me the peeling. :)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from China! :)  Love you all!
The is a replica of the horse statue that is from Wuwei that is now famous in China
and I believe is used as their emblem for tourism

This Buddha was beautiful!  We saw it when visiting the Budhist temple in Lanzhou.  It was one of several Budha...our guide said they believe in many Gods.

This is looking out of our window in our hotel.  It is a beautiful city but
you can't see clearly as the air is so polluted.

Apartments we can see from our hotel window.

More views from the window

Charlotte putting on makeup like she sees mama do! :)

We went out with our Utah friends and this was part of our Thanksgiving feast!  It was so yummy! Notice the chicken head though...yuck!  We had a very nice lunch with 2 different meat dishes, rice, noodles, and 2 desserts for $18 USD

Our Thanksgiving desserts...this one was like a custard pie and it was YUMMY!  And the other was like a pie crust and on the inside were peanuts and a sugar so it tastes a little like pecan pie.


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