Saturday, November 12, 2011

Questions Answered

We sent Charlotte one last care package a few weeks ago and we received answers to some of our questions.  I am sad to find out we won't be getting the clothes she was lovingly put in by her birth parents.  I hope we are able to get a little more info about how she was found while we are there. 

Below is a picture that really shook me when I first saw it.  It is an actual picture of an abandoned baby in China.  This is a common occurance there but, the picture just blew me away.  There she is, this sweet, innocent baby girl abandoned in a cardboard box.  You can tell her parents loved her, as they left her with something to eat and wrapped nicely.  Were they forced to abandon her because this was their 2nd child or did she have a medical need they couldn't provide??  There are so many orphans in China just like this baby girl and our baby girl and their biggest need is for a Mom & Dad! :(  We feel so blessed to be able to say in 1 week there will be 1 less.

We were also surprised to hear we can visit the orphange.  It is about 4 hours away from where we will be (Lanzhou) but, when will we ever have the chance to see it?  So right now we are thinking Jason might go & take pictures & video.  We will just have to make a decision if he will go or all of us will go once we know how Charlotte is adjusting to us.

Below are the questions we asked & the answers the orphange gave us:

1) Her finding items,…do they still have them? Can we get them when we get her? This is what was in her info-“wore a blue cotton clothes with blue flower pattern, wrapped by a flower lattice cotton quilt”
Ke Xia wore the clothes you talked about when she was found but her clothes was wore by other new kids . Ke Xia lives with foster family ,her foster family take great care of her .
2) Could her foster mom come to gotcha day? We would love to meet her
No ,you can not meet foster mom on gotcha day .
3) Can we visit the SWI while we are there?
Yes ,you can visit our orphanage if you have time and have the chance.
4) Updated measurements?
height :84cm weight :13kg foot:12.5cm chest:50cm head:48cm 
5) Did she receive our photo book of pictures? Does she look at them?
Yes,she did .Her foster mom show your pictures to her already .
Every child need time to adjust her/his new life .
6) What is her foster family like? Mom and dad & their ages?? Brothers & sisters their ages? What are their names?
The orphanage staff said that her Foster family did not want to share this information .
7) Are there any items that the SWI could use that we could bring?
Clothes ,toys ,snacks will be all good for our kids .


Molly's Mum said...

WOW what an amazing post. I have never seen this picture either. Where on earth did you find it?

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