Friday, November 18, 2011

The Great Wall...

Our first glipmse at the Great Wall!

It was AMAZING!  We rode up on a chairlift and honestly it didnt look that much different from the Smokies in East Tennesse except for the massive wall atop it.  Parts of it were SO STEEP!  Almost like climbing a verticle ladder and some of the steps were over 18 inches tall. 

 This picture was taken on top of a guard tower.

It was very warm today.  I wore short sleeves after the hike.

 Going down on the tobaggan.  If you pushed forward it would go faster but, it wasnt too fast and was alot of fun! :)
 The Millers are from North Carolina & have their adopted daughter from Vietnam with them.  Her name is Sydney and she is a hoot!  The other couple are the Downer's from Colorado & the chinese woman is our guide April and the Chinese man is our driver.

We had so amazing food!  Peking Duck was my favorite and I think might be a good alternative to turkey for Thanksgiving Day! :)  So I hope we can find some in Lanzhou!

This was in the middle of an intersection in Beijing...beautiful!


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