Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Pictures!

I was SO shocked to open my email this morning to find at 3 a.m. that I had received some new pictures of Charlotte! :) 

It had been a while since we had sent her a care package (in March) so yesterday I decided to send her one with a baby book she can hold with our pictures in it, some cookies for the foster family and another disposable camera.  The care package service is in China and they have items listed on their website that you can pick out to send to your child.  It is a nice service to offer to adoptive families in the U.S.  It still isnt cheap but, to mail our own SMALL package would cost us alot more money. 

I also paid for a letter to be translated that I had written to her foster family.  I tried to include everything important that I needed to say because it may be the only contact we have them until we are there.  I asked in the letter if they would talk to her often about us and show her the pictures so that hopefully the transition will be easier

Below is a picture of the baby book we picked out to send her.  Isnt it funny to think they offer this book in China?? 

Sometimes the care package service will receive updated pictures but, with our last package the orphange told the service that they do not supply pictures unless officially asked to by the CCAA. So I totally didnt expect to see any this time. 

We also received 3 pictures of her crying. :(  Every single time we have gotten pictures they have some of her crying...I don't know why they do this.  I wonder if it is to try and show us her cleft palate??? I don't know but, it does not do this mama's heart good to see her so upset!  She literally looks like she has been crying for about 20 minutes and snot flying is PITIFUL!  I think we will probably do one more care package before we get her and I might just ask that they not include any pictures of her crying. :(

We are just waiting on our i-800a approval, which could be approved hopefully next week and then we will send our dossier to China.  We are SO READY! 

I am LOVING her white fur vest!  She is much more stylin' than in her last pictures. :)  Her hair is growing a bit and covering her ears more.

Hoping this summer is going to FLY BY and that we will have her in our arms soon.  The boys have 8 more days of school left! :)

Much love!


Mysty and Anthony said...

HI! I have requested pics of our Zoey, too, but haven't gotten any. We are waiting on one thing and then sending a care package to her. We can't use an outside person to send ours, but I hope they send pics to our agency and we get a surprise like you did!
I have one question! I have been looking for that book. We had it with our first adoption and CAN"T find it anywhere..where did you get it?
I am so excited for you! We got our approval of I800a on the 6th of this month! Can't wait to have our LID!!! HEy, maybe we will see you on our journey?? Good luck and congrats!!!

Jen said...

She is beautiful!

Kendra said...

Mysty, We used Anne at to send our package. This photo book was something she has available on her website which I found odd since it is clearly English on the front. :)

What agency are you with?? I know different agencies have different rules.

Now I have to go check out your blog....good luck with your adoption too! :)

Cindy said...

She looks so warm. I wonder how she will like it when she finally gets to take all of those layers off.

I'm glad you got new pictures. It must be so hard to wait.

Our Family said...

Oh my, I love her cheeks! So totally kissable! :)

Ivy said...

Hi Kendra,
Oh she's looking so cute sporting some faux fur and all:)) I am so glad to know that the care package arrived at WuWei since I want to do that too. My gal is always wearing the same clothes. Got to send her at least one nice outfit.
We're waiting I-800 approval so yes it would be great if we can meet up there. Thank you for stopping by. Let's keep in touch!!! You're daughter is so precious:)) Before you know it you'll have her in your arms!


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