Friday, April 22, 2011

What a GOOD FRIDAY in more than one way...

Well we successfully went to get our biometric fingerprints done. YIPPEE! It was in the weirdest strip mall without even a sign really. We went in and there was a guard and a woman behind a desk. She asked us to turn off any cell phones and asked for our paperwork. We handed her our forms and she was very friendly. She asked where we are adopting from and gave us one form to fill out. There were just a few other people there. We barely sat down before they called me back. The guy took a spray bottle and lightly sprinkled my fingers with water. Then he took each finger and rolled it from side to side on this small screen and then it would show up on the computer screen in front of us. And then it was Jason's turn. :)

We were in and out of there is probably 15 minutes. Too bad it is such a long drive but, we didnt waste being in a big city. We decided we should go check out strollers. Jason told me later that he felt way too old and out of place when we walked into Babies R Us. LOL!
And the BEST news of the day......we received PA today! What is PA?? Well PA stands for Pre-Approval. A (PA) is significant in the adoption process. This is when China has reviewed our file and approved us to adopt the specific child we requested (pending we follow through with certain conditions). When we sent in our LOI earlier this week, it was the first time China has looked at our documents and they approved us to adopt a sweet little girl in their care right now....Wu KeXia aka our Charlotte ! :) We are so thrilled!

So I will leave you with a sweet picture of our baby girl! :)  We have decided we want to use part of her Chinese name to honor her heritage and time in China.  So, now we are trying to decide what part to use.  For right now we are thinking her full American name will be: 

Charlotte Rose Kexia McCuistion

Much Love!


Ivy said...

Hi Kendra,
Yes we have a blog! I am so glad you got my message and responded! We may even be traveling together.

Your daughter is precious and will be a beautiful addition to your gorgeous family!

I just wanted to say hello and Congratulate you on your Gansu Baby!


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