Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whats happening??

Well things are happening around here.  Our documents for our dossier (except the I800a approval) are DONE and our agency is reviewing them to make sure there are no mistakes with the authentications. :) 

We used a courier for our dossier documents at the Washington DC China Consulate...Carol at Dependable ACS.  I really can't say enough good things bout her.  Would highly recommend her!  She kept us informed each step of the way which made me feel at ease.

Tomorrow our agency will send in our LOI for us.   A letter of intent (LOI) states why we want to adopt Charlotte (WuKexia) and asking permission from the Republic of China to adopt her.  They hopefully will give us a (PA) preapproval sometime within the next few days. :) YIPPEE!

Now we are waiting on I800a approval and our documents will be off to......CHINA! :)  At this point called Dossier to China (DTC), we can expect about 4 months until we will be in CHINA!  Papers and things start happening a bit more quickly after our paperwork gets to China and hopefully we will get a Letter of Acceptance super quickly. :) 

Thought this was funny:

The driving distance from west Tennessee to Wuwei, China is: 11,903 miles / 19,156 km

Keep praying for speedy paperwork....we are getting there! :)

Much Love!


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