Monday, April 04, 2011

Our last family pictures without Charlotte

Our dear friend, Michelle, that is a photographer, came over to the house to take a few family pictures for our dossier.  We have to include 6 photos of us with our paperwork to China and I really didnt have any good recent pictures.  Michelle did such a good job!  And hopefully these are our last family photos without Charlotte in them.  :)


P.S. Will got glasses a couple of weeks will notice this in the pictures. 


Cindy said...

You have a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

I linked to your blog through Kelly's Korner and I have loved reading about your adoption journey so far! We are just starting to think about adopting, most likely from China, so it has been very encouraging reading your blog. I especially appreciate all of the detail you are giving with the paperwork-it seems very overwhelming but so obviously worth it! Beautiful family photos, Charlotte is so adorable (and I love her name)! Good luck as you continue your adoption process!!

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