Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We got an update with some answers to some questions we had tonight! YIPPEE!  Now hopefully they will also be sending pictures soon. :)

I copied and pasted the information we received in the email, below.

1. Wu ke xia loves to eat rice and noodle ,she does not like to eat vegetable .(sounds like her daddy!)

2. She is not allergic to food ,she does not drink lots of water too.

3Wu ke xia`s nick name is xia xia .(pronounced she-ah she-ah I believe)

4Wu Ke Xia use bottle to drink water and milk.

5She does not need any diapers .( would be awesome if this is actually true.we will have to wait & see!)

6she likes to take bath ,3-4 times/week.

7.Wu ke xia lives in foster family and sleep with her foster mom looks like we will be co-sleeping! :)

8.Orphanage staff picked out name for wu ke xia .

9.Wu ke xia was found at the gate of her orphanage.

10height 77cmweight :12kg(30inches & 26 lbs with clothes on...IF these measurements are right she has grown 2 inches since May and stayed about the same weight.)


Ellen said...

Yeah! Such fun to learn these individual insights into your daughter.

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