Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Surgery tomorrow

Tomorrow Charlotte will have surgery to remove the cutis aplaysia on the back of her head & a lip revision at Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital in Nashville.  Her surgeon Dr Kelly, is an awesome surgeon but, I have mixed feelings about the surgery.  I hate to put her through this...she is so confident and happy right now and I look at her and think "oh I can't do this!"  I think her lip looks great and I hesitate to put her through that part of the surgery but, he knows how her lip will look in the long run and this is his specialty and ultimately I just have to trust him.

When we saw him back in December 2011, when we had first gotten home with her,  he told us we would need to do surgery to remove her actutis aplaysia but, we decided to wait & see until now to combine the 2 surgeries.

What is cutis aplaysia? 

Her surgery is scheduled for noon tomorrow and we expect it to be outpatient surgery.  She will have to wear arm no no's and have liquids & soft foods for 3 weeks.  When she first came home, she had alot of anxiety about food. So one of my worries is that this will set us back to having some of those issues.  Also the no no's are NOT going to be fun for our opinionated & strong willed girl.

So, please keep us all in your prayers tomorrow.

Prayer needs:
1) That Charlotte goes to sleep easily with the "silly juice" & then that we are able to hand her over to the doctors so that she won't have as much anxiety.
2) That pain management would be good.
3) That the surgeon would have a clear mind and be able to focus on her surgery to give her the best possible outcome & surgery possible.
4) That there would be no complications during surgery or after....and no excessive bleeding.
5) That Jason & I would have peace about the surgery and can comfort her quickly after surgery.

Now onto some GREAT news...we are also taking our friends Stacey & Chris Daniels to the Nashville International Airport TOMORROW.  They are finally on their way to get their baby girl, Airlie who is 3 years old in China.  I am SO EXCITED for them and we cannot wait to meet Miss Airlie.  Airlie is 5 months older than Charlotte & we think they are going to be fast friends. Helping them get ready for their trip has really kept my mind off of Charlottes surgery and their family has already been such a blessing to our family.  So, please join me in praying for them on their adoption journey... below is a link to their adoption blog.




Kevin and Michele said...

We are also heading to surgery tomorrow for our son... on the third set of ear tubes :(
We will be thinking of you waiting as we also wait for the surgeons to do their thing.
Hoping and praying sweet Charlotte will recover quickly!!!

Leggio said...

We will pray for precious Charlotte and overwhelming peace for you sweet mama. Glad you are posting some blog posts. LOL I was wondering how yall were doing. Blessings

Anonymous said...

We also adopted a child with cleft lip and palate. He has had 5 surgeries in 5 years. The lip surgery was one of the easiest ones. The no no's are really not bad at all. The happy juice makes them so loopy she won't even know your gone or had left when she wakes up. It is harder on us as parents than it is on the kids. Our son doesn't remember any of the surgeries and he is 6. Praying you all do fine.

Cindy said...

How did the surgery go?

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