Friday, August 19, 2011

Projected Timeline...this is just a guesstimate! :)

This is JUST an estimate but, it is a pretty good educated guess, I think.  Things could be off a few days here and there but it gives me an idea of what to expect and when.  So, if all goes as planned we might be heading to China at the end of October.  Our agency knows we want to leave as soon as possible and some people travel even a couple of days after receiving TA.  We WILL get our daughter before her birthday! yippee!  So here we go on our last few weeks as a family of 5. 

We are hoping the time goes by super fast.  All 3 boys are in soccer and on 3 different teams! Geesh! Thats gonna be hard!  We are definitely going to be busy that's for sure.

STEP                    ESTIMATED TIME              POSSIBLE                       ACTUAL

LOA                     51 DAYS                            August 9                            August 11 (53 days)

I-800                    19 DAYS                            August 29                               ????

NVC Cable          10 DAYS                           September 8                            ????

NVC Letter          2 DAYS                               September 10                           ????

Article 5               19 DAYS                            September 29                           ????

TA                        20 DAYS                              October 19                               ????


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