Friday, March 18, 2011

The best surprise EVER!

We got an email from our agency with 17 NEW PICTURES of Charlotte today!  I started screaming and then crying before I could even open the email to see the pictures.  :) The boys came to see what was going on when they heard me scream and then we all looked at her pictures together. 

She is still gaining weight which is such a good sign that her cleft palate isnt giving her any problems when it comes to eatting. :)  And her cleft lip looks AWESOME!  You might notice in some of the photos her nose is flatter on 1 side...that is due to the cleft palate and will be corrected in the cleft palate surgery. 

I can't believe how much her hair has grown since the last pictures! She has enough hair for bows now! YES!   :)  We are so in love with you baby girl and we can't wait to have you with us!

She has 7 teeth and weighs 22 lbs now! :)  This is what else they said about her:
"She is outgoing and active. She likes communicating with people.  She can understand facial expression. She likes music. She can imitate the behavior of people. She is obstinate sometimes."  hee hee I love it! :)  Sounds like one of her brothers! :)

My favorite picture!

Charlotte with a boy we think is her foster brother.

Charlotte and her foster mom.  Look at all of those layers!  I think I counted atleast 5.  And her little cheeks are red...she looks overheated from all of those layers.  They believe that if a baby gets cold that they will get sick...well I am sure she is not going to get cold thats for sure!  Look at those tiny little shoes...
Looks like she likes the remote. :) She her split pants on.  They use them to potty train.

Look at that gorgeous black hair.

With much love,



The Payne Family Blog said...

What a cutie patootie!!!! Those cheeks are so darling. I just want to reach out and squeeze her precious little self!!! So excited for your family Kendra!!!

Cindy said...

Any idea when she will get to come home?

Kendra said...

Cindy we are hoping August :)Having new pictures makes the wait a little easier. :)

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