Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sending off our I800A!

Today was the big day.  We mailed off our I800a!!!!!! YES!

Sheri and I traveled to Nashville this morning to pick up the FINAL APPROVED copies of our homestudy and to authernticate documents at the Secretary of States office.  We had to park about a mile away but we were actually just happy to find a place to was crazy in downtown this morning.  We had to show a picture ID and have a picture taken before they would let us enter the building.  We headed up to the 6th floor where we handed the documents over and it took the lady about 20 minutes to authenticate everything. 

So, the paperwork was overnighted and it is up to the (USCIS) Unites States Citizenship & Immigration Services to approve us to adopt from China.  This could take anywhere from 24-60 days???  Will you join us in praying for speedy paperwork??

Much love!


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