Saturday, March 05, 2011

Our very LAST home study visit! :)

Well we survived our very LAST home study visit.  Our social worker came to our home and toured it and took some time to talk to each of the boys individually,  It was mainly just to get to know them and ask them how they felt about us adopting.  They were little gentlemen and answered all of her questions and said they were very excited to meet Charlotte.

We talked with her about some anxiety Drew is feeling about us traveling to China.  Several weeks ago each of the kids wanted to take a picture of Charlotte to school to show their classes.  Well Drew's teacher noticed right off that he seemd to act like he didnt feel well and continued to ask to go to the nurse for the next several days.  She let me know she thought it might be something related to the adoption because of the timing.  So I sat Drew down (our 9 year old) and asked him if anything was bothering him.  He finally told me that he had seen on the news that a plane had crashed in China and that ever since then, he worried about us going there to get Charlotte and our plane crashing. :)  I explained that that probably wouldnt happen and that we would get to be see him on skype every day while we are there but, it just broke my heart that he had been worrying about this.  He is my worrier and he likes to be at home so the trip will be a big deal for him. 

She said this is typical nerves and said we were handling it fine.  So, the next time we see her we will have our baby girl! WOOHOO!  She has to come do a followup once we are home, but isn't that fun to think of!!?!?

She said we she will send us a draft of our homestudy next week and if no changes are needed we can go ahead and send it in with our I-800A.  The I-800A is sent to the USCIS (United States Citizenship & Immigration Services).  It can take up to 2 months for them to review our paperwork and approve us to adopt from China....we are praying for quicker but we will be just have to wait and see.  And after this we will have more of a specific idea of when we will be traveling! WOOHOO! :) :) :) :)   still looking like possibly August or September????  I would LOVE for it to be July because it would be easier on my mom and dad keeping the kids as they would be out of school and it's possible, just barely but, maybe.  So pray for the paperwork to just speed right on through the USCIS approval.

Some people are like "How in the world are you able to be so patient??"  I'm not, trust me!  But I knew the time line coming into this and knew the process.  I have also been very busy along the way making sure everything is in line and ready for the next step.  I really don't understand how people that work full time would be much harder and take longer for sure.  There is much more involved on our parts, than I realized and those of you that know me, know that I am obsessed with this process right now and getting Charlotte home as soon as we can.  So I am very focused & hoping for some new pictures of Charlotte soon! :) 

Some new things I learned this week:
-Charlotte means "tiny, petite & feminine"  how appropriate for our little Asian princess! :)
-That I will need lots & lots of bibs for Charlotte because of her cleft palate. They seem to drool and everything more.
-that Asian babies are generally much smaller than American babies.  So I probably need to get some smaller clothes for her than what I thought .  So I am going to buy 18 & 24 month size clothes for her.  Afterall, have you ever seen a tall chinese woman??  :) They are all generally short and petite (just like the meaning of her name)

I added a clock to the side of the blog so, that you can see what time it is in Wuwei right now.  Right now, Ms Charlotte might be eatting breakfast as we are about to get ready for bed.  We are elated and feel so blessed to be on this journey to bring home our daughter so, thanks for walking along with us.

Much love!


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