Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maps of where we will be going

We will fly into Beiijing...see it up there in bold letters?? We will sight see for a couple of days.

We will then fly to Lanzhou where we will meet Charlotte for the first time.  They say it is about 3-4 hours from Lanzhou to Wuwei.

See on the map above, the little area in light blue where CHINA is written?? That is the Gansu province and right in the middle of the Gansu province is Wuwei.  You can also see it on the map below where it shows the different cities in the Gansu province.  Wuwei is where our baby girl is right now with her foster family.

You can also see in the first map (on the bottom in green) is the Guangdong Province.  We be flying to Guangzhou (see closer view below) after we leave Lanzhou.  We will stay there just a couple of days for more paperwork and take an oath to be Charlottes parents. :)  Then we will fly home! :)


The Straight's said...

Looks like you will have to pack for 2 WAY different climates...ugh. But hey whatever it takes to get to our kiddos :)

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