Friday, February 18, 2011

Charlotte likes hugs and bathtime! :)

We found some more info on KeKe (Charlotte) on our agency's page.  Notice the words MATCHED on there! :) I thought the description of her was so cute. I found myself reading it again and again.  It is just a small glimpse into the personality of our daughter. And she loves hugs....awwww.  We can't wait to hug you baby girl!
KE KE (China)

Country: China
Name: Ke Ke
Gender: Female
Type of Special Need: Cleft Palate/Postoperative Cleft Lip
Post Date: January 2011
Status: Matched
Ke Ke is an active, happy child.  She loves to play with her building blocks and enjoys spending time outside.  She is fond of taking baths and likes to splash in the water.  She is closest to her caregiver and loves hugs.


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