Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Seeing progress everyday

Well we have most of our paperwork done. We are going to get fingerprinted this afternoon for FBI background checks.  We have had all of our medical tests done we are just waiting on some results to come back.  And we've asked some of our family and friends for reference letters to turn into the agency.  I know I am going to get emotional even reading them.  We have been so blessed with a supportive family and church family.

We are starting our adoption classes. We have to have 10 hours of classes for our homestudy to be complete.  We are doing them online at adoptionlearningpartners.org which has been helpful.  We got to choose the classes and we chose to do some on the history & culture of China as well as typical adoption courses involving grieving and attachment.  We are quickly realizing every little thing costs money...the $200 septic inspection letter has been done, the fingerprinting costs us $100 and now the adoption classes are going to be about $160....but its all so worth it!

We are planning on our first home study visit on Thursday night.  We are really excited about this.  We will meet our social work in Nashville for 2 visits and then on February 26, she will come to Paris for our last home study visit.
I have already started receiving fabric squares for the 100 wishes/prayers quilt.  It has been amazing! I have gotten emails from people from Croatia, Africa, Japan, Australia, Portugal & India.... wanting to join the group & send in a prayer/wish square for the quilt.  My flickr friends are really getting into this.  You can check out the group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/100wishes/ 

We are frequently looking at medical files of girls in our age range.  So we ask that you continue to pray that when the right one comes along that we know that she is THE one for our family. 

Much love!


Sandra said...

I am not sure how I stumbled upon your blog but I know I hopped over from another blog. We too are in the paperchasing process for our "special needs" daughter from China. I love reading blogs of folks going through the process at the same time as we are!

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