Friday, February 04, 2011

Walking on cloud nine! :)

Yesterday was such a mix of emotions as we prepared to meet with our social worker last night for the first time.  I made copy after copy to get ready and then we took off for Nashville (almost 2 hours away).  I was so nervous I just about got sick on the way there.  I told Jason he had to stop off at a gas station to get me some pepto bismal.  :)  I don't know why I was so nervous.  I guess I felt like our life was in the hands of someone I didnt know and it was scary for me.  Jason on the other hand was like "What are you so nervous about? We are like the perfect couple to adopt. She is going to need to prove herself to ME not the other way around. Because I may not feel confident in her handling our adoption."  His approach kind of calmed me down and the pepto bismal seemed to work too! :) 

We got there about 20 minutes before her and I looked around Cracker Barrell (where we were meeting her)  to pass the time without anxiety.  All the little girl clothes were so cute and I noticed most of them had ladybugs on them.  How ironic, since ladybugs are known to mean goodluck when it comes to adoption in China.  Was God trying to tell me to calm down and trust Him??? hmmmm.....

Once we saw her walk up I felt like it was probably her because of the papers in her hands and my fears started to go away.  She was a normal looking woman :) around our age and explained she had 2 boys of her own.  She immediately started just chatting with us, about everything but made it seem just like a normal conversation over dinner.  We talked about everything from how long we had thought about adoption and why we chose China to what our families thought about our adopting and how Jason and I had met.

At one point we handed her all the paperwork we had accumlated and she was impressed.  She said "wow...ya'll have been really busy!  I can't believe you have this much done."  :)  Jason explained that I was definitely a go-getter when I got something in my mind.  :)  She also couldnt believe we had already finished our adoption training online too.  I told her I felt like our daughter was already born and waiting on us so I wanted to do things as quickly as I could on our part. :)  Even a few days can mean a delay of weeks when it comes to international adoption process.

After our home study is done our papers will be sent to USCIS to get U.S. approval to adopt and then our papers will be mailed to China for their approval.  I asked her what were the chances of them not accepting us after getting through with all of the homestudy process.  She said that it was just a matter of paperwork and that they might request a different paper or wording a different way but that we would be accepted.  I almost started crying right then and embarrassing but I couldn't help it.  I felt like I could finally let myself get really excited. :)

On the way home I called my sister and she laughed at me I was so excited. I told her to start looking for us a white baby bed and HAIRBOWS! :) LOL!  I am southern girl and plan on this little girl not going a day without a hairbow in her hair (when she is little anyway)! :)  I just can't explain in words how happy we are. 

Jason and I had such a good trip home (definitely in contrast to the way there!) talking to each other about plans and names and girl things about our future daughter.  As most of you know he has a thing with all of the little girls at our church to pull their ponytails.  Its kind of a game with them.  He goes up to them and says "Oh you have a ponytail, you must want Mr Jason to pull it!" and its kind of a thing of endearment between them...I told him our daughter might not have enough hair for a ponytail yet but that she would eventually. :)LOL!

So we meet again with her next week and I won't be nearly as nervous.  :) Then she will visit our home on February 26th.  Please pray that Ohio does not take as long as they have been on Jason's child abuse check....that is the one thing that might hold us up a few weeks. :(

Much Love!
(who is still on cloud nine!)


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I am so happy to hear it went well Kendra!
~Danna from mpmoms

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