Monday, February 14, 2011

The BEST Valentines Day EVER! :)

Well you guys know we have been praying for God's will on our adoption journey.  We fell in love with a little girl but the agency told us there were other families interested her too. So we waited and prayed...we knew they were suppose to meet today and decide which family was the best fit for her.  Jason and I talked and prayed that we would be chosen only if it was God's will for us but we guarded our hearts too because we really didnt think we would likely be chosen.

Well around 12:30 I got THE CALL.  I was with my friend Sheri shopping when I looked down at my cell phone & thought this could be the call, because it was a number I didnt recognize.  I took a deep breath and answered .  It was April with Gladney and she told me they had 5 families interested in KeKe and my heart sank.  BUT she said we have chosen your family as the best fit for KeKe if you are still interested in her.  I was in shock, Sheri was screaming behind me and I didnt even know what to say!  Of course we were still interested!

I talked to April (our social worker with Gladney) again this afternoon she is going to try and get us an update on Charlotte (her new name for our family) and updated pictures.  I am not sure I am allowed to post pictures on my blog so I will wait but I am dying to show you her picture.  We think she is adorable! She is right on target for her age as far as weight and she is BALD!  lol! :)

When I picked up the boys from school I had her picture and said "Well we got the call and she is your sister"  Will said "So she's really ours??" Drew and Ben were so cute.  Later Drew said "I am so excited about the baby mom.  Can I see her picture again?"  Now they had already seen her picture but it was like he wanted to get a really good look at his sister. :) so cute! :)  So I am making them copies of the pictures we have of her. :)

So we are one happy little family tonight.  Our friends suggested we go eat Chinese to celebrate! lol!  So thats what we are doing... Meeting friends to celebrate Charlotte Rose and praising the Lord for this little blessing.

Much Love!


Danna said...

Praise the Lord! Congratulations, I am so happy for you and your family!

AllieKatMom said...

Aww that is great! I love the name KeKe too...sounds adorable. I cant wait to see pictures of your new daughter!

The Straight's said...

Congratulations!!! What a wonderful gift from God!

Jo said...

Congratulations, may you and your family soon have Charlotte Rose in your own loving arms.

Sheri said...

Kendra, what a blessing to witness this process and go thru this awesome time with you guys!!! We are so happy and excited for you all!!! I am just so amazed how God has worked in and through you!! You are such a blessing and your daughter will be so blessed to have you!!!! Love you guys!!! Can't wait to meet Charlotte Rose!!

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