Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meet Charlotte Rose Kexia McCuistion

There are the only 4 pictures we have of our sweet Charlotte.  This first one is from before she has the surgery to correct her cleft lip.  We think she is adorable in this little bonnet. :)

Charlotte Rose Kexia McCuistion born in November of 2009

The picture above were taken right after her surgery on her lip.  I don't like this one of her crying but it is cute to see her standing. They say the orphanages really bundle them up because they think that if a baby gets cold that it will get sick.  So it is common for them to have 5 or 6 layers underneath the little snow suits. :)  She looks chubby in this picture because of all of the layers. hee! hee!

This is one of my favorite pictures of her.  She is sitting there playing with a little rattle toy. And look at those little shoes. :)
Our adoption agency is getting together a request to send to her orphange to request an update on Charlotte.  Even though she is in a foster home the orphange is still in charge of updates on her etc...  So we hope to have more pictures in a few weeks and also know if her foster family speaks Mandarin or what dialect.  We want to learn a few basic words to help with the transition.

So thats all for now...we are busy busy with paperwork and we meet for our 3rd home study visit tomorrow and our LAST home study visit is next Saturday when she is coming to our house to meet our boys and see our house.  Things are moving along!

Much Love!


Danna said...

So exciting, what darling pictures! She is less than two weeks younger than my youngest daughter! Charlotte is so cute!

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