Friday, January 28, 2011

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork!

Did you know we have to get a septic inspection to make sure our septic tank can handle another person in our family!?!?!?  Yeah Jason and I thought it was funny!  But not funny that it costs $200 for that inspection.... : (

Jason and I have both have had our physicals done. WOOHOO!  We both had to give 3 viles of blood to be tested for HIV, venerial (sp?) diseases and I don't even know what else!  We had to have a tb test which is where they put a shot just under your skin and wait 24 hours to see if you have a reaction which means you have tb. AND we both had to be drug tested along with all the other normal yearly physical exam stuff.  Glad to have that behind us! 

We also got our criminal records done today.  As we left the police station Jason said "Well why didnt they print something out to give us?"  I said "Thank God there was nothing for them to print out!" LOL!  The clerk was just able to check no criminal record & we had to have it notarized. :)

So we are moving on along in the pile of paperwork.  We hope to be able to travel to Nashville next week for our first visit with our social worker and turn in all the paperwork we have ready so far, which is most of what we need actually.  I have been one busy girl the last few days... :)Oh and don't forget to participate in the 100 wishes/prayers quilt if you can.  My flickr/quilting buddies have really stepped up to the plate and are really getting into this is so sweet of them.  I am going to post a picture of one of their cards & fabrics below.  We will be receiving fabric truly from all over the world for her quilt & prayers have been said all over the world for this girl already!  What a blessing!  But I would love for some of our close friends & family to send a block Aunt Gail, Meemaw, Grammy & Aunt Jenny etc... you guys participate too please.  I would mean so much to me and I know it will to her one day too. :)

Much Love!


E said...

Hi there! I just hopped over from Kelly's blog :) I know the paperwork can be a killer, but it is soooo worth it in the end!!! Deep breaths (and deep pockets too--septic tank inspection--ha ha!) Isn't it fun when you get a new quilt square in the mail...makes the waiting that little bit easier.

Blessings to you!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Hopping over from Kelly's blog to say congratulations on the paperchase! (Those blood tests are FUN, aren't they?) We have an almost-seven-year-old adopted from China and are expecting our second referral sometime in the next three months. Have you ever seen the "No Hands But Ours" blog? It's solely about China special needs adoption and is a great resource.

Mitzi said...

Hi. I stopped by from Kelly's blog. I am right where you are, but a couple months behind!! It has been so much fun to go back and read your blog for the last couple months and see your progress. When I say we are where you are, I really mean it. We have two boys (instead of 3) but have been trying to extend our family through fertility treatments and actually miscarried twins at 9 weeks after IVF this summer. Since I turned 40 at the end of the summer, we decided that we are done trying to have a "natural" child. It is just not what God has in store for us, but we don't feel like our family is complete. We have talked off and on about adoption and I have been ready since about a week after I miscarried. My hubby is just now ready and so we have started researching all the options. I can't wait to follow your journey and rejoice when the little girl God has selected for you comes home to you. God Bless. Mitzi

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