Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Special Needs"-UH OH what does that mean?

OK I felt I needed to address this as both our moms freaked out at the words "special needs". :)

In China any little, minor thing they call "special needs". We could get a child that has asthma, an odd birthmark, a cleft lip, a slight hearing loss, an eye condition, a child that had a burn injury, a child that has already had a surgery to correct a problem and the problem is fixed they will just need checkups and the list goes on.... We don't feel like the more major things like cebral palsy or spina bifida would work well within our family but it is totally up to us and it will be our decision as to what child we accept. We will be given their medical file to go over with a doctor before we officially accept and we are going to do what God leads us to do.

So we may or may not share what special need our child has once we are matched but, just know ALOT of the kids you would look at and think...what special need???

Much love!


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