Thursday, January 27, 2011

100 wishes quilt

While we wait for this momentous occasion, we would like to honor a tradition from our daughter’s homeland ~ the making of a 100 Good Wishes Quilt. I thought what a good idea to do with my quilting buddies but, I thought there might also be some fmaily members that would like to participate. The following is a brief description of this tradition:

"To welcome and celebrate a new life, there is a tradition in the northern part of China to make a Bai Jia Bei, or 100 Good Wishes Quilt. It is a custom to invite 100 people to contribute a single square patch of cloth. The 100 patches are sewn together into a quilt that contains the luck, energy, and good wishes from all the families and friends who contributed a piece of fabric. The quilt is then passed down from generation to generation."

We are inviting you to join us in this tradition by sending us a 5” x 5” square of fabric (preferably cotton) along with a card on which you have written a “wish” or prayer for our daughter. The fabric can be any fabric that you have that is GIRLY (I finally get to do girly stuff). The wish can be a simple statement, a favorite poem, song lyric, Bible verse….something that speaks from your heart to our daughter.
other ideas:
-pray for her health
-pray for other children in the same orphanage
-pray for the paperwork & that it goes smoothly
-pray for her foster mother & emotions she must feel
-pray for safe travels
-pray for her to bond quickly with us
-pray for her birth mother
-pray for our boys to adjust well
-pray for our adoption agency
-pray for the Chinese offcials that will review our dossier
-pray for her to get our care packages & that she would feel our love through them

When she is old enough she will be able to match the fabric in the quilt to the little fabric swatch on your card displayed in the album and read your message to her.

It will be something from you that she will have and cherish forever. Imagine how special it would be to look back upon the well wishes that were sent for you. Better yet, imagine being covered by all those good wishes every night.

I am requesting that you send your squares to me by March 15, 2011.. This will give me plenty of time to put together the quilt. Thanks so much!



Lynne said...

Oh look at that pic of you with your three handsome boys. I had been over to this blog before but wasn't sure how private you wanted it to be so hadn't stopped to comment but I'll be adding you to my sidebar if that's OK so I can follow you this year - my thoughts will be with you every step of the way. Something really shallow about me? One thing I love, after having two boys and then finding myself pregnant with twin girls? What fun it is to shop for girls' clothes!!! XXX

Kendra said...

Lynne, yes please add us to your sidebar. I love visitors & comments. You are having TWIN GIRLS!! wow! How did I not know this....SO exciting! I am a twin and my sister and I are really close even though we live about 4 horus from each other now. They will be such a blessing!

Janet said...

I would love to send you a square and a card. My brother and sister-in-law have a son who they adopted when they were working for World Vision in Thailand. He is seventeen years old now. My husband's brother also has an adopted Thai daughter. He married a Thai woman and when they later divorced her daughter stayed with him. She was a preteen at the time and didn't get along with her mother at all. Fortunately they have reconciled now that she is 21. Her mother came and had Christmas with the family this year. It was so nice to see her.

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