Monday, January 24, 2011

Here we go! :)

Well today we sent off the first money to our adoption agency.  I sat in the post office parking lot praying over our papers before they left my hands.  I know this may not be an easy journey all the way through but its just amazing how God has opened doors so far.

Drew & Ben have decided they want to share a room, so we have been busy painting and rearranging the room they will share.  We painted it a khaki color and we got new comforters from Ikea when I was last there.  They have bunkbeds that seperate to 2 twin beds.  They decided they wanted them seperated for now.  They were so excited to finally be able to see there new room and to sleep in there last night together for the first time.  They are such big buds! :)  I love that they get along so well most of the time.  I think they talked until about 10:30 p.m. before they both finally fell asleep.

Every night at prayer time Drew & Ben pray thanking God for letting us adopt....they are so excited too.  We've been having fun trying to come up with names. Ben said he had a dream about a sister named Charlotte. :) Drew says he wants to name her Meg....I think because he is good friends with a cute girl at school named Meg. :)  And well Will hates all of the names except for Rachel. :)  We will probably use her Chinese name as a middle name & we may also use Rose as a middle name after my mom.  So, I have posted a poll on the left side, check it out and vote for your favorite name just for fun. :)



Mary Perrine said...

I wish you all the luck in the world!! and what a precious gift to give a child.. a family... You are doing the right thing. Hexagons, huh? your fingers are going to hurt ; )

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