Saturday, January 15, 2011

What a shocker!

Well we got the sign up packet in the mail from a North Carolina adoption agency. I was so excited! There was a packet full of info and then I saw an itemization of their fees....get this....the ESTIMATE of their fees is we go with a Kazakhstan adoption was $54,000.00....yep! A little shocking!

We are also looking into Korea & the waiting child program of China as a back up plan. If we do the waiting child option you can go to and look up kids that are available. You do have to create a sign in to see the kids but it is a neat site. We are looking into the possibility of accepting a child with a minor medical hernia, burns, cataracts, diabetes, eczema, limb indifference and even possibly a child that has hepatitis B.

We want another child and to be able to offer a child better medical care than they can receive in China warms my heart.

So, now we wait for more paperwork to get here and see what these other 2 agencies look like. So pray it becomes clear which agency we should go with.

We will keep you posted...



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