Thursday, September 22, 2011

Have I died and gone to heaven??

I was laying in bed this morning snuggling and talking to the little boys, trying to slowly wake them up this morning and decided to check my email on my iphone.  I had another email from Ann (the Chinese lady that sent the care package to the orphange for me) and it said more pictures of Ke Xia.  I thought they were probably the same pictures as yesterday but, I told Drew to come downstairs with my to my laptop and we would see for sure.  He had a little pep in his step as he followed me downstairs.  It was 3 more new pictures of our girl! PRECIOUS!

When I picked up the boys from school yesterday I immediately showed them the new pictures.  It had been 5 long months since we had gotten any new pictures!  Drew was so excited he got one photo and just wouldnt let go of it and kept studying it with a huge grin on his face.  He is going to be so great with her.  We walked down to get Ben and he and his teacher both were enamored with the pictures.  And Will, well lets just say he is a teenage boy in full force right now. LOL!  He looked at one picture and said "oh" and that was about it.  But don't be fooled he is excited and once she gets here, I have a feeling he is going to be one great big brother.  Jason worked really late the last 2 nights so, didnt get to see the pictures except on his small cellphone screen until he got home but, he called me several times asking if I would call his parents and email them the pictures as well.  He said "I feel like a proud new daddy." :)  

Much Love,


Mark,Kim Lau said...

I am so happy for you getting those beautiful pictures. I have been living the entire adoption process with our new little guy here in Jamaica, I just can't imagine sitting at home for all these months waiting to get a picture. God Bless you, and soon will be the day that your family will be together. She is just adorable.

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